Update: 01/29/2017

CALL: Protect the Bears Ears National Monument

WHEN: Friday, Feb. 3.
WHAT: Call reps
WHO: Senator Cory Gardner 202-224-5941
Senator Michael Bennet 202-224-5852
FROM: Melissa

My name is ________________, I live in Greeley, CO and my zip code is 80634.

FOR: protecting the Bears Ears National Monument. President Obama designated it as a National Monument, and the current Congressional leadership wants to de-designate or shrink the monument.

The message:
“Utah wilderness is important to me. Please co-sponsor ‘America’s Red Rock Wilderness Act’ when Senator Durbin re-introduces it, and please also fight to defend the Bears Ears National Monument.”

Update: 01/28/2017

ACTION: Call Cory Gardner’s Office

WHEN: Monday, Jan. 30.
WHAT: Call to demand proof for the paid out of state calls and that he fielded 12,000 questions.
WHO: Senator Cory Gardner 202-224-5941
FROM: Nina

Also, you can write a letter to the editor calling on Gardner to supply proof.

Here is a link to the letters that I submitted to the Coloradoan and the Denver Post if you need any ideas:

From a Rise to Action

Yesterday, Senator Gardner made the following comments to CBS Denver:
. His office is getting so many calls and emails, he has staff assigned to do nothing except respond to them (keep up the good work folks!).
. Many of the calls are from paid protesters from other parts of the U.S. (make sure when you call from now on that you say you are a Colorado citizen living in [City] and not getting paid for the call).
. He fielded questions from 12,000 callers in a telephone town hall.
. People should not be afraid.


Update: 01/28/2017

ACTION: Muslim, Immigrant Solidarity Event on Tuesday, Jan. 31

WHEN: Tuesday, Jan. 31, 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.
WHAT: Muslim, Immigrant Solidarity Event
WHERE: Rolland Moore Park
FROM: Hedy

Fort Collins community members and Colorado State University students will stand in solidarity with their
Muslim and immigrant neighbors on Tuesday, Jan. 31, From 12 – 1 p.m., in Rolland Moore Park.

The event, Standing in Solidarity with Our Immigrant and Muslim Neighbors, will be put on by Fort Collins for Progress,
Northern Colorado Action Network and A Rise to Action, local community activist organizations.
There will be several speakers during the one hour event.

Attendees are encouraged to create and bring signs with them to the event.

Suggested sign slogans include:
. “Build Bridges NOT walls”
. “We love our Immigrant and Muslim Neighbors”
. “No Human Being Is Illegal”
. “We Are All Immigrants”

The organizations are asking for attendees to keep clear of the sidewalk and street,
as the event will take place down the street from Sen. Cory Gardner’s office.

Letters on the topic of Muslim neighbors, immigrant neighbors, or both, are also encouraged.
The organizations are hoping to send a small group of people to Gardner’s office with the letters,
in addition to petitions, which will be available for signing at the event.

You can also sign the petition on-line at:

Update: 01/26/2017

CALL: Call Colorado U.S. Senators to protest Besty DeVos, nominee for Secretary of Education

WHO: Senator Cory Gardner 202-224-5941
Senator Michael Bennet 202-224-5852
FROM: Melissa

Committee on Betsy Devos as Secretary of Education has been delayed until January 31st so there is still time to protest her nomination.

Talking points: Betsy DeVos:
· Never worked in the public school system.
· Never held public office.
· Never attended a public school.
· Has not studied education.
· Spent the last several years actively opposing public education in her home state of Michigan.
· There she is the architect of a largely unsuccessful private and for-profit charter school system in Detroit that has diverted millions of public dollars from underfunded public schools.
· After more than a decade of getting her way on a host of educational policies Michigan is one of five states with declining reading scores.
· Public School Teachers in Michigan are wearing red to protest her nomination.

Update: 01/12/2017

ACTION: Rally for Our Healthcare- ACA, Medicaid, Medicare

WHEN: Sunday, Jan. 15, 2:00 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.
WHERE: Old Town Square, Fort Collins
FROM: Nina

Sponsored by Fort Collins for Progress.

Join us and State Rep. Joann Ginal as we stand up and demand a comparable replacement be proposed before the repeal of such an integral part of our healthcare system.

All of us know someone who’s life has been improved by one of these programs, no matter how imperfect the programs may be.
We risk losing all of that by not having a replacement proposed before the ACA is repealed.

Update: 01/12/2017

MEETING: MoveOn-affiliated Meeting this Sunday, January 15

WHEN: Sunday, Jan. 15, 3:00 p.m.
WHERE: Northside Aztlan Community Center
BRING: Your cell phone – we will be making phone calls!
FROM: Nina

Sponsored by A Rise to Action.

MoveOn and People’s Action have called on community organizations to convene for a critical day of national action on January 15.

We are joining with these organizations to share A Rise To Action’s plan for standing indivisible against the Trump administration
and Members of Congress who support his dangerous agenda.

During this meeting, we will:
. Describe our mission and plan for action, including efforts to coordinate with groups across Colorado
. Identify specific ways you can become involved and take action, depending on how much time you can commit
. Hold a workshop on calling your Members of Congress

Update: 01/12/2017

ACTION: Walk Together on Monday for MLK March

WHEN: Monday, Jan. 16, 10:30 a.m.
WHERE: Crooked Cup Coffee Shop, 147 W. Oak, Fort Collins.
FROM: Nina

During Martin Luther King Jr’s life, many Jewish communities joined the marches he organized.
This year, let’s walk as a community for the work he began that we must help finish.

We will walk together to Old Town Square at 10:45 a.m. where we will join with the larger Fort Collins
community on the march from Old Town Square to Lory Student Center (start time is 11:00 am).

Update: 01/05/2017

ACTION: Visit Gardner’s and Bennett’s Offices to Protest Trump Pick of Jeff Sessions

WHEN: Friday, Jan. 6, 1:00 p.m. -3:00 p.m.
WHERE: Meet at Gib’s Bagels
FROM: Hedy

Meeting at Gibb’s bagels and then heading to Gardner’s office to politely inform the staff of our opinions on the Trump appointees.

Let’s have as big a turnout as possible and get our voices heard!

We are preparing talking points and letters to leave with Gardner’s office, but feel free to bring your own.

For some ideas, check this website:

And check back tomorrow because we’ll post more tonight.

If you cannot make this event, stay tuned for more opportunities.

Update: 01/04/2017

ACTION: Fort Collins Town Hall at the Old Town Library

WHEN: Saturday, Jan. 7, 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
WHERE: Old Town Library, 201 Petersen, Fort Collins. Community Room 1.
FROM: Sue Ellen

I received this message from Bernie Sanders (info@BernieSanders.com), which included the following regarding organizing in defense of Obamacare:
“So Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schemer, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and I have asked my colleagues in Congress to organize events
in their states and their districts where people can come together and make their voices heard. We will win when we are all i this fight together.”

I have already emailed Jared Polis asking for his office to do this again in FC. He needs to hear from more of us,
as do our local reps and Senator Michael Bennett. When we come together, we can self-organize into issue groups to learn, discuss, and act.

To this end, our state lawmakers – Rep. Joann Ginal, Rep. Jeni Arndt, and Sen. John Befalls, will host a joint town hall at the
Old Town Library to hear from constituents and discuss their plans for this legislative session.
Arndt will serve as chair of the House Agriculture, Livestock and Natural Resources Committee;
Ginal will chair the Health, Insurance and Environment Committee.

The power of the “rapid response:” This from today’s ‘Medium Daily Digest,’ regarding the rescinding of the Ethics Office vote:

“The House GOP reversed course on Tuesday, deciding in a closed door meeting to abandon a plan approved less than 24 hours earlier
to gut the independent Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE). In an emergency conference meeting Tuesday morning,
House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) offered and the party approved a motion to restore the current OCE rules.
The reversal came as members of Congress said their offices were flooded with calls from constituents angered by the decision.”

Update: 01/03/2017


WHEN: Monday, Jan. 16, 10:30 a.m.
WHERE: Meet at the Crooked Cup, 147 W. Oak, Fort Collins.
FROM: Nina

We will walk together to Old Town Square at 10:45 where we will join with the larger Fort Collins community on the march
from Old Town Square to Lory Student Center (start time is 11:00 am).