Illegal Harassment of Immigrants – Greyhound Complicit

From: Jennie Pasquarella Director of Immigrants’ Rights for the ACLU of California

Imagine taking your regular bus to work or school. The bus pulls over and Border Patrol agents get on board. Row by row, they scan passengers for anybody deemed “suspicious” due to the color of their skin, accent, or the way they dress. You think you’re just taking the bus home, like any other day – but you end up arrested, detained, and in worst cases, deported.

That horror story has increasingly become a reality on Greyhound buses throughout the country, because the company allows Border Patrol agents to board its buses and arrest passengers without a warrant.

Sign this petition telling Greyhound to stop throwing its passengers’ rights under the bus.

Not only is Border Patrol’s practice cruel, it’s not even legal. The Fourth Amendment prohibits government agents from entering private property without consent or a warrant, and it protects everyone on U.S. soil – regardless of citizenship – from being detained or searched without cause. By law, Greyhound is fully capable of saying NO to Border Patrol. So why aren’t they?

We know what this is really about. This is all part of the Trump administration’s shameful and hateful agenda to intimidate and expel immigrants from this country. It’s completely contrary to the founding principles of this country, which not only value immigrants and what they add to our communities, but also clearly delineate personal rights and freedoms. Like the right to take your daily commute without having to prove your citizenship or fear arrest and deportation.

We have collected almost 30,000 signatures on our petition telling Greyhound to stop letting Border Patrol agents harass its passengers without a warrant. Our campaign is getting strong media attention as more people find out about what’s happening on Greyhound buses.

We’re not going to stand for this racist policy. Please sign the petition and tell Greyhound to treat its customers fairly and with dignity.