Melissa’s Action Plan for January 22, 2018

INSPIRATION: As we gathered for speeches at the Women’s March in Greeley on the 1-year anniversary of Trump’s inauguration, a bald eagle circled close overhead for about 5 minutes. This moving sight, along with the great turn-out and passionate speeches, has re-energized my commitment to turn our country onto a better path.

AGENDA: One of the most important things we can do right now is elect democrats to state legislatures in the upcoming midterm elections. It is crucial to do this because these representatives will be responsible for drawing congressional districts in 2020.

BACKGROUND: Senate District 16 is a target race in Colorado. The seat is currently held by Republican Tim Neville. Neville came on my radar because he is one of the members of the Colorado Senate Finance Committee who blocked the bi-partisan transportation bill back in May of 2017. Some of his other “accomplishments” include blocking legislation that would bar landlords from profiting off of predatory application fees, blocking legislation that would let 12-14 year-olds seek out therapists without parental consent for things like depression, suicidal thoughts, and abuse, and routinely introducing legislation that would criminalize abortion as a class 1 felony. This far-right agenda makes him vulnerable in a district that he won by an extremely narrow margin in the last election and that is almost evenly split between Republicans and Democrats.


1)      One thing you can do is click here and donate to the District 16 fund. This fund will go to help whoever becomes the Democratic nominee for the district. Tammy Story is running as a Democrat in this district. Click here if you want to support her directly.

2)      If you can’t get excited about this race, you can go to Colorado Resistance, download their manual, and pick a cause.

Now is the time to get active in preparation for elections in November!