Health and Wellness Center Provides Student Medical and Mental Health Care

The Health and Wellness Center, located at Centennial High School, 330 East Laurel Street, Ft. Collins has coupled timely attention to students’ physical and emotional health needs with minimal interruption to their academic studies for the past 24 years. It specializes in caring for at-risk and vulnerable students, some of whom are working to overcome troubled family backgrounds, drug and alcohol problems, or homelessness.

The Center is operated by Rocky Mountain Youth Clinics (RMYC) a Denver based, pediatric, non-profit organization. All Center staff are part of the RMYC’s vast network of medical and mental health professionals working in three traditional clinics, three mobile clinics and nine school based health clinics, including the Health and Wellness Center at Centennial.

You can learn more about the Center at its Web site, by calling (970) 488-4950, or talking to FCJAN’s Nina Rubin, a long-time member of the Center’s Health Advisory Council.

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