ACLU to Start “People Power” Voting Rights Campaign

From: Faiz Shakir, ACLU

I am writing to ask you to take part in one of the largest and most important grassroots campaigns the ACLU has ever mounted.  Right now, our fundamental right to vote is under attack.  Local and state legislators continue to target our voting rights as Trump and his sham voter fraud commission work to undermine confidence in our elections.  They’re terrified of empowering the American people to stop their reactionary, anti-freedom agenda.

On October 1st, People Power – the ACLU’s grassroots mobilization program – will launch a new campaign focused on organizing local communities to protect and expand our fundamental right to vote. The plan is simple: organize THOUSANDS of grassroots events in communities all across the U.S. We’ll be ready to fight back against attacks on our voting rights and put pressure on our lawmakers to expand this fundamental pillar of our free society.

I’m personally asking you to sign up today and organize a voting rights launch event in your community.  We’ll make it easy for you, with a livestream training to tune into and state-specific plans to help you organize your community.  Together, we’ll protect and expand voting rights.  Are you in?

YES! I’ll host an event for People Power’s Voting Rights campaign on Sunday, October 1.

Or, I can’t host an event.  But I want to learn more about how I can get involved in the ACLU’s People Power program.

I believe that every community we organize and every voice we add to this campaign will send a powerful message to the President and the agents of injustice that we won’t sit back and let them tear our democracy apart. That’s why your participation in this campaign is so important!