Melissa’s Action Plan for Week of August 14

Attend Sen. Cory Gardner Town Halls Tuesday, August 15

Sen. Gardner will hold a Town Hall in Greeley from noon – 1:30 pm at the University School Auditorium, 6519 18th St. Doors open at 11 a.m.

Sen. Gardner will hold a second Town Hall in Lakewood from 2:30 – 5:00 pm at the Colorado Christian University Event Center, 8787 W. Alameda Ave.

Visit 5 Calls

Click here to visit this valuable site.

Choose your issue:

  • Prevent Military Action in North Korea,
  • Support the College for All Act,
  • Protect Voting Rights with Census Funding,
  • Oppose the RAISE Act’s Attack on Illegal Immigration
  • Demand Fair Tax Reform
  • Protect Mueller and the Russia Investigation
  • Preserve Federal Civil Rights for Transgender People

Sign up for Clean Energy

Sign up to have some or all of your electricity come from renewable sources.  I got a link through Sierra Club for Arcadia. You can match up to half of your energy to renewable sources for free, and all for a small fee. They take over the payment of your bill so you have to give them your bank information. You can also pay by credit card for a fee. They are apparently legit according to this source.  See the announcement from the Sierra Club.

You can also choose to go through your own energy company to send a message that you want them to support renewable energy. I logged into my Xcel account to do this and there is a $1.50 surcharge per month to have half of your energy come from renewable sources.  I went ahead and signed up with Arcadia. You will need your login for your current electricity provider.

More Action Items from Jennifer Hoffman’s August 6 Action List

Action: Support a bill that intends to stop Arctic drilling.

Call: Your U.S. representative (lookup or leave message).

Script: Hi. I’m from [ZIP] calling to express my support for H.R. 1784. The climate crisis is fueled by petroleum and drilling in the Arctic is a step in the wrong direction. I would like [name] to support creative, sustainable energy. Can I count on [name] to co-sponsor H.R. 1874 and prevent drilling in the Arctic?

Action: Support bipartisan cooperation to repair ACA.  This is the next logical action after the failure of the Senate to repeal the ACA.  Visit 5Calls and use their excellent script for both red and blue senators.