Melissa Action Plan for Week of June 12

Issue: Health Care Bill in the Senate

The Senate Health Care Bill will come to the floor from the working group very soon.  Call Bennet 202-224-5852 and Gardner 202-224-5941 repeatedly about the Senate health care bill this week. Same message for both. Tell them what you want to keep from the ACA: for me, it is a priority for low income folks to get subsidies and for those with preexisting conditions to be covered without penalty.  Don’t forget to state your zip code.

Issue: Net Neutrality

The Net Neutrality comment period open until July 17.

See John Oliver video on Net Neutrality in 2014.

Try this website that gives instructions on how to file a comment.  From there, you can click directly on the link to the FCC page for the “Restoring Internet Freedom 17-108” filing, then click “+Express” under Filters. This takes you to the comment page which is quick and easy.  Or go directly to the page at the FCC.

Script: Keep the internet free, open, and fair for all. No advantage should be given to huge telecommunication companies like Comcast and Time Warner Cable over smaller start-ups.

Issue: Sage Grouse Protection

Ryan Zinke (Secretary of the Interior) has ordered a review of the agreement to protect the Sage Grouse that was hammered out among conservationists and industry in 2015 under Obama. Even though Governors of Colorado and Wyoming both say this agreement does not need amendment, Zinke wants to make it more favorable for industry and offer less protection for the Sage Grouse.


Washington Examiner – just the facts

Conservationist view from the Center for Biological Diversity

Contact the Department of the Interior.  This page also has a comment form that they say will go to an actual human.  If you want to contact a specific Bureau, it is the Fish and Wildlife Bureau or the BLM.

Here is what I wrote: I recently heard that Secretary Zinke is revisiting the protections put in place for the greater sage grouse. This bird is an important part of the western ecosystem and is threatened by pollution and other destruction of habitat. The land-use plans laid out over the last five years by the Bureau of Land Management and the Fish and Wildlife Service are not perfect, but they allow some industry and yet protect the habitat of this important bird. Governors of Colorado and Wyoming endorse these rules, yet Zinke wants to make things more favorable for industry. Once the sage grouse is gone, it is gone forever. Keep the plans as they are!