Melissa’s Action Plan for Week of May 15

Monday, May 15

Issue: G7 Summit and Paris Climate Agreement

Source: NPR Living on Earth

Action: Call your Senators and tell them to put pressure on Trump to stay in the Paris Climate Agreement and communicate that commitment at the G7 Meeting on May 26th.

Details: Trump’s administration is still divided on whether to stay in the Paris Climate Agreement. We must stay in: Syria and Nicaragua are the ONLY other nations that are not in this agreement. Sustainable energy (Solar, Wind, Efficiency) is a huge industry and creates jobs. Trump is likely to communicate a decision one way or another at the G7 summit coming up on Friday, May 26th. If we pull out of the agreement, will compromise our relations with these G7 allies and we need their good will.

Tuesday, May 16

Issue: Protest Trump’s firing of James Comey

Source: New York Times

Action: Call your Senators and Protest Trump’s firing of James Comey for refusing to pledge his loyalty to the President and asking for more resources for the investigation into the administration’s ties to Russia.  Admonish Senators to demand an independent, ethical, non-partisan replacement for Comey.

Wednesday, May 17

Issue: Health Care Bill in the Senate

Source: New York Times

McConnell’s decision to select 13 white males to work on health care in the Senate may backfire. It leaves Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowsky free to vote against any bill the coalition comes up with.

Action: Call Cory Gardner, who is one of the 13 white men that Mitch McConnell chose to draft a Senate version of a health care bill. Praise Gardner for standing up for Medicaid expansion on the earlier Trump care bill and ask him to do the same as well as provide for those with pre-existing conditions in the Senate version of the AHCA.

In case you need a reminder of everything that is wrong with the bill passed by the House, here is a good summary from the Washington Post.

Thursday, May 18

Issue: Protest the non-renewal of 9 out of 18 Scientists on the Board of Scientific Counselors on the EPA

Source: NPR – Living on Earth, Ken Kimmell, Union of Concerned Scientists

Details: The purpose is to replace them with those who “understand the impact of regulations on the regulated community” in other words, industry scientists. Trump administration is making a concerted effort to get scientists out of the way so that they can eliminate protections for citizens and strengthen industry. Other signs of this agenda are the deep cuts to scientific organizations like EPA, NOAA, NASA and bills that make it more difficult for academic scientists to participate in government, making way for industry scientists.  Also Trump has refused to select a Science Advisor to the White House.  There is a general lack of respect for the role that science plays in policy.

Action: Call your Senators and ask them to protest the non-renewal of 9 out of 18 Scientists on the Board of Scientific Counselors for the EPA. Ask them to put pressure on Trump to hire reputable scientists for these positions. The criteria for picking these scientists for the advisory board should be their scientific excellence, not their ties to industry.

Friday, May 19

Issue 1: Senate does not roll back Methane Waste and Prevention rule put in place by Obama Administration.

Source: NPR

Action: Contact Senators John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins and thank them for voting to keep rules in place to limit methane emissions from oil and gas drilling on public land:  McCain, Graham, Collins

Details: Three republican Senators (John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins) joined all Democratic Senators to oppose the use of the Congressional Review Act to overturn Obama’s rule to control venting and flaring of the powerful greenhouse gas methane from public lands.  The Congressional Review Act allows Congress to roll back rules made in the last 60 days of a previous administration.

Issue 2: Censure members of the Senate Finance Committee who killed the Transportation bill

Source: Denver Post, Fox News

Details: Three Colorado Republican Senators on the Senate Finance Committee killed the bill that would have allowed voters to vote on a sales tax to help fund transportation infrastructure in Colorado.  This bill passed the House and had enough votes to pass in the Senate and was even co-sponsored by the Republican Senate President Kevin Grantham but was killed in committee.

Action: Contact these three Colorado Senators and let them know that you are paying attention. They do not have the right to deny Colorado voters the chance to decide whether or not to fund transportation with a sales tax.

Tim Neville, Email:  Phone: (303) 866-4873 Owen Hill Email:   Phone: (303) 866-2737, and Jack Tate. Email:  Phone: (303) 866-4883