A vote could happen this week in the U.S. House! Believe it or not, the bill rejected by 83 percent of the public has gotten even worse! The new proposal would gut protections for people with pre-existing conditions, allowing insurers to charge sick people more. Help us stop this bad bill now! Call your Representative!

Hi Friends – After working in the health insurance industry I see this bill as a bill written by the insurance companies.

I’ll give you some key points that I think make this bill worse than the original:

1. This bill allows insurance companies to charge more to those with pre existing conditions. Over the past 4 years I have met so many people who had paid premiums to insurance companies with big names – those you know – and once they were diagnosed with something – the company took their coverage away. Raising the rates on these same people does the same thing because they won’t be able to afford it.

2. Right now the maximum out of pocket for a person to pay for medical services that are in their network – is $7150. Before the ACA it varied up to $50,000. This not only roles back the annual max out of pocket – it allows companies to have lifetime limits of what they’ll give the individual.

3. It takes away the 12 essential benefits – this means taking out mental health services, women’s health etc. Insurance companies will be able to sell policies that actually cover Anything.

That is my two cents but I encourage you to research on your own – but please do it quickly – they are trying to do this before they leave for recess. You can’t wait to bring it up at the town halls that are coming up later in the month.

The latest proposal for the American Health Care Act (revisions still being written) will create a “sick tax” on anyone with a health condition by allowing insurers to charge sick people more, stripping this key protection for people with pre-existing conditions. It will also make “essential health benefits” optional for a state, meaning insurers will offer skimpy plans that leave out core benefits. The current proposal would give states the option to opt-out of these key ACA provisions. Read why this “option” is a false choice here.

Oh, and yes, the bill will still result in hundreds of thousands of Coloradans losing their health care and Colorado losing billions of dollars to provide health care to seniors, people with disabilities, and children while giving $50,000 tax cuts to millionaires. We need you to contact your Representative and tell them to oppose this even more extreme bill.

Call your Representative Now!

Tell them to protect our care and people with pre-existing conditions.