Action List For The Week: Feb 27 – Mar 3

from Melissa M.
Two important actions for Monday February 27:
National: Co-Sponsor move to investigate the Trump Administration ties to Russia and to compel Trump to release his tax returns.
Call before February 28!!!
Who to call: your representative on the House Judiciary Committee
Find your rep here
Rep. Buck – (202) 225-4676 (Colorado member of the House Judiciary Committee)
Script, ” Please cosponsor Congressman Nadler’s Resolution of Inquiry (H.R. 11) that the Department of Justice investigate and release all relevant material concerning conflicts of interest, ethics violations, and ties to Russia within the Trump administration.”
On Tuesday, February 28, House Judiciary Committee members will debate and vote on Congressman Nadler’s resolution that directs the Department of Justice to provide the House of Representatives with any and all information relevant to Trump and his associates’ conflicts of interest, ethical violations, and ties to Russia.
You can download the full text here
Colorado: Additional Action for Monday, February 27:
Call before Monday, February 27!!!
Source: ACLU, confirmed with
Who to call: Your Colorado state senators and representatives
CO Senator John Cook
Phone: (303) 866-4451
Stephen Humphreys CO House District 48 (Greeley West)
Phone: 303-866-2943
Dave Young House District 50 (Central Greeley)
Phone: 303-866-2929
Script: Senate Bill SB17-035 (Tampering with Oil and Gas Equipment) will be discussed on the Senate floor today and I urge you NOT to co-sponsor it or send it to committee. This bill is intended to discourage peaceful protest and is extreme in increasing penalties to a felony.
Colorado Senate Bill SB17-035 (Tampering with Oil and Gas Equipment) will be discussed on the Senate floor Monday. This bill, introduced by Jerry Sonnenberg, would increase the penalty for tampering equipment associated with oil and gas gathering from a class 2 misdemeanor to a class 6 felony. It is intended to discourage demonstrations against the oil and gas industry.

Wednesday, March 1:  Protect and Improve the Colorado Driver’s License Program (SB 251)

Source: COPA (Colorado People’s Alliance)
Who to call: Colorado State Legislators
Script: By allowing drivers to obtain a drivers license regardless of legal status, Colorado’s Road and Community Safety Act (SB251) is an important way to keep our roadways safe. To be effective, the law needs to be fixed, including removing the cap on the number of licenses that can be offered, decreasing the unfair fees for those who cannot prove residency, and expanding locations where licenses can be attained. HB 1274 addresses these issues. Please support this bill and do everything in your power to fix the law.
Members of COPA (Colorado People’s Alliance) have been planning a direct action for March 1st, 2017. Our members decided that this action should focus on protecting and improving Colorado SB 251 Driver’s license program. This license program was created in 2013 to ensure that all motorists could obtain a driver’s license regardless of legal status. However, if our state legislators don’t act this legislative session to fix some problems with the law, including a cap to how many licenses can be provided through this program, the entire SB 251 license program could effectively be eliminated. The problem is that many in our community are not even aware that this is an issue, that’s why we will have an action around the capitol to let motorists know that they must act to maintain our roads safe and protect the SB 251 driver’s license program. Rally:
When: March 1st from 3pm-4pm
Where:  We will meet at the west steps of the Capitol
And/Or call your state legislators
Apparently a three bills were introduced last winter. Two were passed, but the third is still pending. HB-1274–PENDING
HB-1274 sponsored by Representative Singer works to improve the SB251 Driver’s License program for immigrants by opening 6 additional offices, eliminating the 66,000 appointment cap set last year by the JBC, and including the acceptance of Social Security Numbers. SB251 is a self-funded program. The fees paid by immigrants are 3 times more for a Driver’s Permit and License than the standard state License program, to cover all indirect and direct costs. HB-1274 will allow for all Colorado residents to have greater access a driver’s licenses, insurance and registration. Supporting and prioritizing HB-1274 allows for Coloradans to safely drive their children to school, to the doctor and themselves to work.
Thursday: Overturn the Teacher Preparation Program Rules (H.J. Res 58)
Source: National Association for Music Education
Who to Call:
Senator Cory Gardner 202-224-5941
Northern Colorado Phone: (970) 352-5546
Senator Michael Bennet 202-224-5852
Bennet Fort Collins Phone: 970-224-2200 
Script: I am calling to ask you to support the resolution to enact the Congressional Review Act to overturn Teacher Preparation Program Rules (H.J. Resolution 58).
The rules are overly standardized, overly prescriptive, and will be costly to implement and will have the unintended consequence of harming teacher preparation.
The Congressional Review Act (CRA) is an oversight tool, which allows Congress to offer a check and balance on federal agencies.  If passed by both houses in Congress and signed by the President, (through passing resolutions, such as H.J Res 57 & 58) Congress is given a 60 day window to review any major rule or regulation yet to be implemented by the executive branch.  In this 60 day period, if agreed by a majority, Congress can overturn the rule or regulation.
The National Association for Music Education, in partnership with the Association’s two higher education societies, the Society for Research in Music Education and the Society for Music Teacher Education, supports congressional efforts to overturn the Teacher Preparation Program Rules through its powers under the Congressional Review Act (H.J. Res 58).
While the Association and our members teaching in institutions of higher education across the nation believe in accountability for music educator preparation programs, we believe such accountability must be grounded in evidence-based best practice and practical to implement. The current rules are overly standardized, overly prescriptive, and will be costly to implement. Ultimately, these rules will have the unintended consequence of harming music educator preparation in America.
Friday, March 3: Keep the Endangered Species Act Strong!

Who to contact:

Your representative on the House Committee on Natural Resources
Colorado (Neither of these are in my district – not sure it will do much good to contact them):
Scott Tipton: Phone: (202) 225-4761
Doug Lamborn Phone: (202) 225-4422

Script: H.R.717, the Listing Reform Act, is currently under consideration by your committee. This bill would seriously weaken the Endangered Species Act, which has saved countless species and enjoys widespread support. I urge you to kill this bill in committee.


H.R.717 Listing Reform Act

Introduced by Republican Pete Olson (TX)
Introduced and now being considered by the House Committee on Natural Resources
This bill would the 12-month deadline for making listing decisions, allowing officials to let petitions fester for years. It would also give the Interior or Commerce Departments the power to reject a listing because of economic fallout.